Manchester 2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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at World Indor Lacrosse Championships 2011
its accompanying tournaments,
Ales Hrebesky Memorial
or Prague Cup.

Hong Kong

Name Position Height Weight Date of Birth Home Team
Chan Kevin Yuk-Lung Attack 180cm 75kg 11 Dec 1978 Manhasset High
Chan Sze Yeung Defence 180cm 68kg 8 July 1982 Skyers
Chan Ting Hen Midfield 180cm 77kg 10 Aug 1984 HKU
Cheng Cheung Wai Midfield 167cm 69kg 29 Dec 1985 HKU
Cheng Chi Fung LSM 178cm 82kg 8 April 1984 Castlers
Joseph C Wich Attack 186cm 86kg 13 Aug 1980 Harvard University
Justin Spitzer Midfield 182cm 82kg 3 June 1989 Claremont Cougars
Keiji Takaki Midfield 168cm 59kg 27 Mar 1970 Meiji University
Kwok Tung Kit Defence 190cm 86kg 3 May 1985 Aquila
Lam Cho Wai Midfield 170cm 72kg 22 Jan 1983 Skyers
Leung Chi Shing Attack 163cm 67kg 27 Apr 1981 Skyers
Leung Yau Chi Midfield 180cm 76kg 18 Nov 1975 Aquila
Matthew Robert Caplin Attack 195cm 95kg 21 July 1974 Sheffield Uni.
Richard James Hay Midfield 182cm 77kg 8 Oct 1985 Aquila
See Ho Man Defence 174cm 75kg 5 Mar 1984 HKU
Siu Ho Ting Midfield 169cm 61kg 16 Sep 1982 Skyers
So Che Fung Attack 173cm 73kg 25 Feb 1981 Carnegie Mellon Uni.
Wong Chun Hong Defence 180cm 72kg 14 June 1986 HKU
Wong Hang Wai Midfield 172cm 62cm 8 Dec 1984 HKU
Wong Kin Man Midfield 166cm 66kg 28 June 1982 HKU
Yau Wai Hang Goalie 175cm 82kg 18 May 1993 The Gow School
Yeung Cheuk Fung Midfield 173cm 75kg 20 Mar 1982 Aquila
Yu Kwan Tin Goalie 168cm 87kg 20 May 1987 Skyers

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