Manchester 2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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Thank you for your attention, we are looking forward to meeting you in Prague
at World Indor Lacrosse Championships 2011
its accompanying tournaments,
Ales Hrebesky Memorial
or Prague Cup.


Name Position Height Weight Date of Birth Home Team
Martins Abolins Midfield 187cm 79kg 13 Feb 1989 LK Riga
Artis Barins Attack 172cm 72kg 5 May 1986 LK Riga
Toms Biders Defence 185cm 95kg 21 Aug 1991 Druva Dynamite
Toms Binovskis Midfield 169cm 65kg 21 Sep 1980 LK Riga
Arturs Briedis Midfield 195cm 92kg 18 Apr 1987 LK Riga
Juris Budnikovs Midfield 192cm 94kg 27 Nov 1986 LK Riga
Gints Gutmanis Goalie 185cm 85kg 15 Apr 1991 Druva Dynamite
Maris Jansons Attack 187cm 68kg 23 Feb 1990 Druva Dynamite
Kristaps Lacis Goalie 185cm 90kg 4 Nov 1989 LK Riga
Ainars Lieknins Attack 180cm 87kg 6 Dec 1985 Druva Dynamite
Sandis Lieknins Attack 181cm 92kg 30 June 1988 Druva Dynamite
Mikus Marenis Midfield 184cm 90kg 2 Sep 1990 LK Riga
Jurijs Mozzerikovs Defence 195cm 85kg 18 Oct 1987 Druva Dynamite
Martins Paupers Defence 186cm 101kg 1 July 1988 Valmieras Puikas
Jurgis Pucka Defence 190cm 94kg 31 Aug 1990 Druva Dynamite
Edgars Purmalis Midfield 193cm 94kg 27 Nov 1989 LK Riga
Mareks Rubulis Attack 196cm 130kg 26 June 1990 Druva Dynamite
Gunars Sergejevs Attack 179cm 79kg 14 July 1991 Mitava
Kaspars Stabulnieks Midfield 194cm 86kg 1 Oct 1988 LK Riga
Miks Stabulnieks Defence 200cm 105kg 8 Oct 1989 LK Riga
Glebs Supenko Midfield 185cm 75kg 11 Mar 1988 Mitava
Edgars Tauteris Midfield 180cm 75kg 17 July 1988 Mitava
Kaspars Veips Midfield 186cm 93kg 10 Sep 1992 LK Riga
Krisjanis Volfs Defence 191cm 105kg 29 June 1989 LK Riga
Andris Zabitis Midfield 185cm 85kg 26 July 1986 Valmieras Puikas
Ronalds Zaumanis Defence 193cm 87kg 24 Mar 1988 LK Riga
Gatis Zeps Midfield 187cm 78kg 16 Aug 1989 Druva Dynamite

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