Manchester 2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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at World Indor Lacrosse Championships 2011
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Ales Hrebesky Memorial
or Prague Cup.

New Zealand

Name Position Height Weight Date of Birth Home Team
Andrew Clayton Attack 188cm 89kg 1 Oct 1990 Chapman Uni.
Mike Clayton Midfield 180cm 90kg 27 May 1983 Chapman Uni.
Richard Clayton Attack 182cm 90kg 24 May 1985 Oregan State Uni.
Tom Deane Defence 188cm 81kg 4 Aug 1987 Harbour Hawks
Tobias Delamore Midfield 178cm 70kg 24 Dec 1989 New England College
Yuin Khai Foong Defence 179cm 90kg 7 July 1980 Harbour Hawks
Ben Gilmore Midfield 183cm 80kg 19 Sep 1983 Wildcats
Aaron Graham Midfield 180cm 80kg 13 Dec 1983 Tamaki Titans
James Irwin Attack 185cm 90kg 20 Jan 1992 Wildcats
Roddy John Midfield 181cm 81kg 6 Jan 1987 Eastern Chiefz
Nicholas Low Attack 175cm 70kg 29 May 1983 Harbour Hawks
Chris Malcolm Midfield 166cm 70kg 19 July 1993 Eastern Chiefz
Ashley Manisty-Barnes Midfield 177cm 74kg 20 Feb 1988 Eastern Chiefz
Casey McLain Attack 186cm 80kg 8 Jan 1988 Harbour Hawks
Eric Messick Attack 180cm 74kg 15 Mar 1974 Waikato
Chris Monahan Goalie 193cm 95kg 16 June 1982 Harbour Hawks
Andrew Muir Midfield 175cm 70kg 29 Jan 1983 Harbour Hawks
Andrew Patterson Midfield 179cm 73kg 2 Feb 1978 Eastern Chiefz
Alex Pritzlaff Defence 185cm 86kg 26 Dec 1985 Hampden-Sydney
John Pritzlaff Defence 182cm 95kg 9 Sep 1983 Hampden-Sydney
Nick Ravenhall Midfield 178cm 85kg 29 May 1987 Edinburgh City
Alex Slooten Defence 190cm 85kg 15 July 1983 Harbour Hawks
Zane Smyth Defence 181cm 90kg 4 Dec 1987 Eastern Chiefz

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