Manchester 2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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Thank you for your attention, we are looking forward to meeting you in Prague
at World Indor Lacrosse Championships 2011
its accompanying tournaments,
Ales Hrebesky Memorial
or Prague Cup.


Name Position Height Weight Date of Birth Home Team
Jonathan Andreasson Goalie N/A N/A 10 June 1982 Nordia
Benny Axelsson Midfield 187cm 102kg 20 Oct 1977 Farsta
Johnny Axelsson Attack 181cm 78kg 28 Sep 1982 Farsta
Jimmy Blomgren Midfield 178cm 61kg 12 Mar 1990 Karlstad
David Browning Midfield 179cm 70kg 23 June 1986 Sundbyberg
Martin Davidsson Defence 192cm 83kg 24 Sep 1974 Farsta
Jonas Drakenberg Attack 180cm 83kg 14 Apr 1988 Farsta
Alexander Edena Attack 178cm 78kg 15 Mar 1989 Nordia
Tom Elfström Goalie 172cm 108kg 8 July 1972 Farsta
Eddie Frohm Attack 184cm 75kg 26 Aug 1989 Nordia
Johan Hillergren Defence 188cm 71kg 14 Jan 1986 N/A
Rasmus Höglund Defence 192cm 90kg 7 Feb 1989 Nordia
Sten Jernudd Midfield 190cm 95kg 17 Sep 1992 Cornell
Daniel Joneg~rd Defence 180cm 76kg 25 Oct 1974 Nordia
Stefan Lind Attack 186cm 83kg 13 Nov 1988 Lund
Patrik Nordensky Midfield 186cm 95kg 20 Mar 1976 Farsta
Kevin Powers Midfield 183cm 80kg 28 Sep 1992 Issaquah
Tim Riley Defence N/A N/A N/A N/A
Tomas Rydenstam Midfield 177cm 72kg 3 Feb 1989 Nordia
Sanny Samuelsson Midfield 177cm 72kg 3 Feb 1989 Nordia
Karl Svanstrom Midfield 186cm 83kg 6 May 1974 Sundbyberg
Peter Welff LSM 181cm 90kg 26 July 1985 Farsta

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