Manchester 2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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Thank you for your attention, we are looking forward to meeting you in Prague
at World Indor Lacrosse Championships 2011
its accompanying tournaments,
Ales Hrebesky Memorial
or Prague Cup.


Name Position Height Weight Date of Birth Home Team
Russell Atkinson Midfield 178cm 75kg 26 Sep 1993 Malvern Prep
Devin Blondes Attack 190cm 86kg 12 July 1987 Paris
Louis Bondaz Goalie 176cm 80kg 13 June 1991 Paris
Vincent Bouchet Midfield 177cm 77kg 10 Jan 1980 Mainz Musketeers
James Brenner Midfield 183cm 78kg 24 Aug 1992 The Hill School
Pierre-Yves Brossard Defence 188cm 82kg 27 Nov 1983 Paris
Alexandre Canet Midfield 177cm 68kg 16 Feb 1989 Post Long Island
Félix De Clercq Midfield 180cm 87kg 14 Sep 1991 Paris
Nicholas Constant Attack 175cm 60kg 5 Dec 1968 Paris
Sylvain Gallet Defence 178cm 85kg 29 June 1981 Paris
François Labbé Midfield 176cm 86kg 21 Oct 1979 Lille Spartiates
Bryan Lejeune Goalie 193cm 110kg 30 June 1993 Boca Raton High
Paul Maître Midfield 182cm 78kg 6 July 1988 Paris
Hugh MacTruong Attack 188cm 82kg 28 Jan 1983 Paris
Antoine Masurel Defence 190cm 94kg 20 Jan 1983 Lille Spartiates
Bertrand Salmi LSM 186cm 75kg 9 Mar 1983 Welwyn Warrios
Dominique Sandy Midfield 187cm 69kg 18 Mar 1992 Reading Wildcats
Carl Edmun Sherman Defence 180cm 83kg 2 Apr 1980 Paris
Hiroto Shimamura Midfield 164cm 65kg 19 Oct 1985 Paris
Julien Thévenet Midfield 168cm 59kg 3 July 1983 Lille Spartiates
Matthieu Thévenet Midfield 175cm 70kg 17 Feb 1987 Lille Spartiates
Hirotsugu Tsuda Midfield 170cm 64kg 27 Nov 1983 Paris
Robin Webb Defence 183cm 75kg 11 Aug 1987 Newcastle Uni.

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