Manchester 2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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Thank you for your attention, we are looking forward to meeting you in Prague
at World Indor Lacrosse Championships 2011
its accompanying tournaments,
Ales Hrebesky Memorial
or Prague Cup.


Name Position Height Weight Date of Birth Home Team
Matt Althauser Midfield 175cm 75kg 22 Apr 1984 Schwarz-Weiss
Marek Beck Midfield 180cm 80kg 21 Apr 1988 Hamburg Warriors
Dave Campbell Midfield 183cm 90kg 25 Nov 1985 Middlebury
Alexander Coslow Defence 181cm 80kg 6 Aug 1988 Rot-Weiss Muenchen
Axel Dievernich Defence 183cm 86kg 27 Apr 1983 Inde Hahn Aachen
Frederic du Bois-Reymond Midfield 183cm 90kg 27 Mar 1983 Inde Hahn Aachen
Hendrik du Bois-Reymond Attack 176cm 75kg 18 July 1984 Inde Hahn Aachen
Mustafa Eroglu Defence 179cm 78kg 2 July 1983 Inde Hahn Aachen
Christopher Frank Midfield 178cm 80kg 11 Jan 1978 Berliner Verein
Alexander Frey Attack 174cm 78kg 13 Apr 1982 Stuttgarter Kickers
Till Friedheim Goalkeeper 178cm 78kg 25 Nov 1984 Hamburg Warriors
Eric Heintze Midfield 181cm 85kg 6 Dec 1984 Stuttgarter Kickers
Julian Heizmann Midfield 181cm 80kg 18 Apr 1986 Inde Hahn Aachen
Frederik Hoeck Defence 181cm 90kg 21 May 1979 Inde Hahn Aachen
Florian Klaus Defence 180cm 98kg 6 Mar 1979 Rot-Weiss Muenchen
Dennis Kowa Attack 191cm 86kg 14 Feb 1984 Stuttgarter Kickers
Florian Kriependorf Midfield 180cm 80kg 29 May 1976 Duesseldorfer SC
Gregory Lazarus Attack 189cm 93kg 26 Mar 1986 Saint Michaels
Lorenz Lehmhaus Midfield 183cm 81kg 15 Mar 1988 Duesseldorfer SC
Philipp Maas Goalkeeper 168cm 74kg 21 Nov 1991 Duesseldorfer SC
Jan Miofsky Defence 177cm 82kg 22 Dec 1982 Stuttgarter Kickers
Arley Morelock Midfield 180cm 77kg 13 Apr 1992 SC 1880 Frankfurt
Justus Paul Midfield 175cm 80kg 13 Sept 1981 Hamburg Warriors
Matthias Rau Defence 197cm 104kg 19 Feb 1988 Stuttgarter Kickers
Hamid Taherian Midfield 172cm 72kg 31 Dec 1983 Schwarz-Weiss Koeln
Jan van Eijkelenburg Defence 187cm 83kg 29 Oct 1989 Schwarz-Weiss Koeln
Jordan West-Pratt Attack 185cm 105kg 2 Jan 1980 -

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