Manchester 2010 FIL World Lacrosse Championships

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Thank you for your attention, we are looking forward to meeting you in Prague
at World Indor Lacrosse Championships 2011
its accompanying tournaments,
Ales Hrebesky Memorial
or Prague Cup.


Name Position Height Weight Date of Birth Home Team
Ryan Boyle Attack 180cm 82kg 22 Nov 1981 Boston Cannons
Kevin Cassese Midfield 180cm 88kg 5 Apr 1981 Brooklyn LC
Joe Cinosky Defence 190cm 104kg 12 Dec 1985 Chesapeake
Ned Crotty Midfield 187cm 82kg 26 Sep 1986 Chicago Machine
Kyle Dixon Midfield 193cm 97.5kg 26 Nov 1984 Chesapeake
Brian Dougherty Goalie 185cm 100kg 10 Dec 1973 GMH LC
DJ Driscoll Defence 193cm 91kg 26 Mar 1984 Chicago Machine
Adam Fullerton Goalie 182cm 88kg 6 Feb 1985 Denver Outlaws
Mike Leveille Attack 187cm 91kg 25 Dec 1985 Chicago Machine
Eric Martin Defence 187cm 95kg 12 Nov 1981 Denver Outlaws
Ryan McClay Defence 177cm 86kg 6 Aug 1981 Boston Cannons
Brendan Mundorf Attack 180cm 91kg 27 July 1984 Denver Outlaws
Shawn Nadelen Defence 182cm 91kg 16 Apr 1979 Chesapeake
Stephen Peyser Midfield 187cm 95kg 28 July 1986 Long Island Lizards
Ryan Powell Attack 185cm 93kg 23 Feb 1978 Team Rhino LC
Paul Rabil Midfield 193cm 100kg 14 Dec 1985 Boston Cannons
Chris Schiller Midfield 182cm 84kg 18 Jan 1977 SCOG LC
Max Seibald Midfield 185cm 93kg 14 Aug 1987 Denver Outlaws
Alex Smith Midfield 177cm 95kg 8 Aug 1984 Chesapeake
Matt Striebel Midfield 185cm 91kg 12 Jan 1979 Chicago Machine
Kyle Sweeney Defence 187cm 88kg 5 Apr 1981 Boston Cannons
Drew Westervelt Attack 195cm 102kg 25 Apr 1985 Denver Outlaws
Matt Zash Midfield 177cm 86kg 18 Oct 1983 Long Island Lizards

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